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>What must be completed to engage MI over other (3) letter agencies
During the 1950s and 60s, federal troops and federalized National
Guard forces, accompanied by military intelligence personnel, were
deployed to help integrate Southern schools23 and to help deal with
civil disorders in Detroit in 1967 and other cities the following year
after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.24 Throughout
this period military intelligence units also continued to collect data on
Americans at home who were suspected of involvement in subversive
activities.25 In the late 1960s, the Pentagon compiled personal
information on more than 100,000 politically active Americans in an
effort to quell civil rights and anti-Vietnam War demonstrations and
to discredit protestors.26 The Army used 1,500 plainclothes agents to
watch demonstrations, infiltrate organizations, and spread
disinformation. 2
' According to one report, the Army had at least one
observer at every demonstration of more than twenty people.28
The Army's activities were summed up by Senator Sam Ervin:
Allegedly for the purpose of predicting and preventing
civil disturbances which might develop beyond the control of
state and local officials, Army agents were sent throughout
the country to keep surveillance over the way the civilian
population expressed their sentiments about government
policies. In churches, on campuses, in classrooms, in public
meetings, they took notes, tape-recorded, and photographed
people who dissented in thought, word, or deed. This included clergymen, editors, public officials, and anyone who
sympathized with the dissenters.📁

>Hahahaha, Trump has had MI infiltrate Antifa and all the dissenting local govts.

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Please be true.
Well done. Picture being painted.

>他の(3)文字機関よりも軍事情報部に従事するためには 何を完成させなければならないか
23 デトロイトとその翌年の他の都市の内乱は、キング牧師が暗殺された後のことである。
24 この間じゅう、軍の情報部隊は、データも収集し続けた。
25 1960年代後半、公民権や反ベトナム戦争のデモを鎮圧するために、
26 陸軍は 1,500 人の私服捜査官を使いデモを監視し、組織に潜入して誤情報を広め、
27 ある報告書によると陸軍は、少なくとも1つの20人以上のデモごとにオブザーバーを配置していた。
28 陸軍の活動はサム・アービン上院議員によってまとめられている:
教会でも キャンパスでも 教室でも 公共の場の会議でも、思想、言動、行動に
>はははは、トランプは 軍事情報部を、

常に 5手先を行く!

どうか 忠実であれ

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